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Events for this year’s celebration begin on Friday, August 8th for a group seating at the Railriders game.  The annual 6K race starts with registration at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 9th.  The parade will begin at 5:00 p.m. on College Avenue and end where the concessions, kids games and entertainment is held at the Christy Mathewson Park.  And to end the days activities with a bang, Christy Mathewson Days also includes fireworks at the Joint Municipal Park where the new playground is located.  The fireworks display begins at 9:00 p.m.  The race registration form can be accessed by clicking on the link below:+

CM DAYS 2014 schedule and race app-1

Curfew – Factoryville Borough has a curfew for people under the age of 18.  The curfew is from 10:30pm to 5:30am every day.  Persons are not allowed to remain in or upon any of the streets, alleys or public places in the Borough of Factoryville and/or upon any private property without the express consent of the owner or person(s) in charge.  Please alert your neighbors and if you see a problem, please call the Borough office at 570-945-7484.  Thank you.


Our exciting day of building our new playground brought 117 volunteers to help in the build and beautification of the park.  The playground is beautiful and has been a big success.  Next up…concession stand with bathrooms.

Parking in Christy Mathewson Park:

Please note that parking in Christy Mathewson Park is only permitted for person requiring handicapped parking for the park.  All other parking in for the park should be done in the lot at the Elementary Center.  The footbridge is a lovely entrance to our park.  Parents who are dropping off their children at school should use the procedure provided by the school.

Dog Walkers:

Please remember to clean up after your dogs.  We have an ordinance that requires the proper disposal of pet excrements.  Please call the Borough office if you have any questions.

Change for Factoryville Ward 2 Voters:

The Wyoming County Board of Elections has moved the Polling Location for Factoryville Borough Ward 2 from the Masonic Hall on Riverside Drive to the Factoryville Borough Municipal Building located at 161 College Avenue, Factoryville.  The polling location change is effective immediately.   This change was made by the order of Wyoming County Election Board.  Questions may be directed to Wyoming County offices at 570-836-3200.

Playground Grant Received
The Kaboom non-profit playground organization has awarded a $20,000 grant to the Factoryville Borough and Clinton Township Joint Municipal Park.  That grant will help fund a tree house themed playground for children ages 5 to 12 years old.  The total cost of the playground is about $80,000.  The playground design is available to view at the Borough office and a PDF file of the design is available to be emailed upon request.

Christy Mathewson Days and Race Results

The 18th Annual  Christy Mathewson Days were a wonderful success!!  Special thanks to Beth O’Malley for chairing the event and Denise Maleski for chairing the 6K race.  They and all the Christy Mathewson Days Committee should be commended for their tireless devotion to making this event a success each year!!

The results of the 2013 Big 6K race can be accessed with the following link:  CM 2013 results

2013 race

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