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Road Work:

Factoryville Borough is seeking bids for paving on Wilson Street, Highland Avenue and Thompson Road.  Our bid packet also includes a stormpipe replacement on Maple Street.  A copy of this bid packet follows this post.

Factoryville Borough road bid packet 2016

Factoryville Road bid legal ad

The Summer of 2016 will be another busy one in Factoryville.  Christy Mathewson Park will have a field renovation and a new compressed stone trail between the new pieces of playground equipment.  The Clinton and Factoryville Joint Park is outfitting the new restrooms with their fixtures and plans are to have the new concession stand open by the beginning of the soccer season in August.

The Borough still mourns the loss of the contributions that the late Tom Davis brought to our town.  His beautification efforts with a very small crew were outstanding in helping make Factoryville Borough such a nice place to live.  Steve Swift works tirelessly to keep everything moving in the summer season for both Factoryville Borough and the Sewer Authority.  Shirley Golembeski and the Factoryville Shade Tree Commission do their part as well.

The Borough would love to recruit a new group of volunteers to help with the upkeep of the garden areas throughout town.  In the spirit of “many hands make light work”, please consider helping the Borough with a donation of your time for as few or as many hours as you choose.  The Borough welcomes your creative take on the gardens.  The Borough can offer you a particular garden area in town to manage at your convenience.  Please contact Mary Ellen at 570-945-7484 to share your time keeping Factoryville beautiful.

PennDOT’s closing of College Avenue and Underpass:

The pictures below depict the closing of the underpass on College Avenue from next week until the fall of 2016. The first picture shows the detour route on PennDOT’s road project map.  The second picture is zoomed on the first PennDOT black and white drawing to indicate the circle of closed road and the hash marks that have been highlighted in orange are their barricades. This means that the ramp that comes off of State Routes 6 and 11 where they merge will also be closed to traffic for the next year and a half. The second image is our attempt to show the barricades on the google map so that the frame of reference is easier. Please feel free to call the Borough office (570-945-7484) for further clarification on this road closure.

Underpass Detour Route

College Ave closing PennDOT map

College Ave closing Google map barricades

Christy Mathewson Days 2015:

Christy Mathewson Days have been scheduled for September in 2015 to allow Keystone College students to participate in the events.  Our previous date occurred during the college students’ summer break.  Please join us for exciting activities including the Big Six Race on Saturday, September 26th beginning at 8:00 a.m. for registration. The race form:  2015 Race App

Parking in Christy Mathewson Park:

Please note that parking in Christy Mathewson Park is only permitted for person requiring handicapped parking for the park. All other parking in for the park should be done in the lot at the Elementary Center. The footbridge is a lovely entrance to our park. Parents who are dropping off their children at school should use the procedure provided by the school.

Dog Walkers:

Please remember to clean up after your dogs. We have an ordinance that requires the proper disposal of pet excrements. Please call the Borough office if you have any questions.:

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