Pre-construction/Zoning permits

Permits are required for new construction and a number of revisions that you may undertake on your property. As a general rule, if you are replacing something existing with the exact same, newer item, then you do not need a permit. All other changes to structures and all new construction projects require a pre-construction permit from Factoryville Borough and a building permit from Bureau Veritas.

The zoning officer, Jere Woods can be reached at 570-945-7484 or 570-760-3360.
Bureau Veritas’ Tunkhannock office is 570-836-7196

Our Zoning Ordinance is as follows and should be included with the zoning revision that also follows and was passed in 2012:

Factoryville zoning map

ORDINANCE#360 Zoning

ORDINANCE#491 Zoning Revision

ORDINANCE#558 Zoning revision


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