Road repairs and drainage

The upkeep of roads and management of storm drainage is always a work in progress in Factoryville Borough.  We are always working with our engineers to troubleshoot and plan for the most efficient, cost effective management of road repairs and drainage remediation.

The Borough is preparing bid documents for stormwater pipe replacement on Church Street.  This project will be funded with current budget funds including forthcoming Act 13 impact fee.

Catch basins are cleaned by the Borough using a hired vac truck annually.  Not every basin is cleaned every year.  If your basin needs attention, please contact the Borough office at 570-945-7484.  We appreciate a group effort in keeping the town running smoothly.  If you see debris on the grate of a catch basin, we would appreciate your help in clearing the debris.

If you have a concern about a road in town, please contact the Borough or come to our monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.


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