Women’s Civic League

The Factoryville Women’s Civic League meets monthly from September through May on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Mathewson Park Apartments, 6 Maple Street, Factoryville. Depot and Maple Streets, located behind the Factoryville Post Office. New members are always welcome.

Factoryville Women’s Civic League Mission Statement:
The mission of the Factoryville Women’s Civic League is to support our community, our youth, and each other through service activities and friendship. If interested in becoming a member, you can click on the Facebook page link and get in contact with current members.

Factoryville Women’s Civic League Scholarship is awarded to a Lackawanna Trail Senior each May. Contact the guidance office for more details.

Each year, the Civic League recognizes an individual for their service to others and/or the community and honors them as The Person of the Year. To find out more, contact the Women’s Civic League!

Some Previous “Person of the Year” Awards

2011 Bre Reynolds

2010 Shirley Golembeski:
Officers present Person of the Year Award for 2010: L to R, Jan Engle, Secretary, Bre Reynolds, President, Sally Price, Tresurer, Shirley Golembeski, Award recipient, Rita Nowakowski, Daughter of Shirley, and club historian, Beth O’Malley, Vice-President.

The award is presented each year in recognition of “selfless service to the community.” The award was given at the annual Women’s Civic League Christmas Brunch held at the Mathewson Park Apartments in Factoryville on Sunday, December 12, 2010.

Shirley has been a volunteer for multiple organizations in our community for over 15 years. Shirley always helped with Little League clean ups when her grandsons played in the Christy Mathewson Little League. Since moving into the Mathewson Park Apartments Shirley has become even more involved in our community. Shirley is a member of the Factoryville Planning Commission. Shirley is active with the Factoryville Shade Tree Commission, she helps the Women’s Civic League with events, she helps cook for community dinners and church events, she quietly cares for the flowers and planters in town, and helps drive senior citizens in our area to appointments.

Shirley is a true asset to our community. If you see her please congratulate her for this well deserved honor.

2009 Fire Chief Russ Gow

2008 Dennis Mulvey

2007 Tom Stark

2006 Debbie Sweppenheiser

2005 President Edward Boehm, Keystone College
President Boehm has worked to help Factoryville over the years on multiple civic projects. He has been instumental with the assistance he has provided making Christy Mathewson Day the success that it is today. Keystone College and Factoryville work together on multiple projects. President Boehm and his wife Regina are also very active in the United Way Campaign. President Boehm is always available to any civic organization in Factoryville that needs assistance. He offers full use of the college buildings and students to volunteer help to our civic activities. Thank you President Boehm for all you do to make Factoryville and Keystone College a great working partnership.

2004 Ed Nowakowski
Ed has served as a coach for many years for The Christy Mathewson Little League, Ed has taken care of Christy Mathewson Park and kept the Little League field in beautiful condition. He has served as the treasurer for The Factoryville Little League and The Factoryville Men’s Civic Club for multiple terms. Ed is also very active in his church. Ed is the owner of Print Ed products and he donates countless hours and paper products to all the local civic organizations. The Factoryville Women’s Civic League wanted to recognize Ed for all the volunteer work he does for Factoryville. He is a quiet dedicated volunteer to our community. Congratulations Ed, a well deserved honor for one of Factoryville’s best volunteers and residents of our community.

2003 Nikki Weisenfluh
Nikki served as president of our club for 2 years and worked tirelessly advancing our mission statement. Nikki was very involved with Cow Pie Bingo and raising funds for the new park. Nikki is very active in helping with the Christy Mathewson Little League, she volunteers for the Factoryville Shade Tree Commission. Nikki is also very active with Our Lady of the Abingtons Church. Thanks for all you do Nikki.

2002 Beth O’Malley
Beth is the organizer of the Big 6K and has been instrumental in organizing Christy Mathewson Day. Beth has served on The Christy Mathewson Day Committee since it started. Beth also organizes and runs the elementary intermural Field Hockey league. Beth volunteers for the Factoryville Library. Beth helps out with the Lackawanna Trail Varisity and Junior Varsity teams by being score and time keeper. Beth is also active in the Factoryville United Methodist Church. You can see why Beth was named our person of the year.

2001 Patty Lavelle
Patty served for 4 years as the President of our club. She is the founder of the Factoryville Women’s Civic League. Patty is very involved with several different organizations at Lackawanna Trail High School. She is the parent advisor and fundraiser for both her sons classes at Lackawanna Trial. Patty is very involved in helping to raise funds for the Lackawanna Booster Club. Patty is a member of the Joint Municipal Park Board and has been very involved in coordinating fund raisers to help with the development of the new park. Patty was the organizer of The Taste of The Town event this year. Patty served as the concession organizer for several years for the Factoryville Little League.

2000 Sally Price
Sally served as the Vice President of our club from 1998- 2000. She has just been elected President to serve from 2006-2008. Sally is a member of The Factoryville Shade Tree Commission. Sally is responsible for all the grant accounting work for The Factoryville Shade Tree Commission. Sally is very involved with all the volunteer activities that the Shade Tree Commission is involved with in our community. Sally is an active fundraiser for the Christy Mathewson Little League and also for the Lackawanna Trail School District.

1999 Liz Ratchford
Liz is the chairperson of the Factoryville Shade Tree Commission, she has held this position since 1999. Liz is the grant writer for Factoryville Borough and has been working hard to obtain grant funds for the new park, streetscape project, and the Shade Tree Commission. Liz is very involved in fundraising efforts for the Women’s Civic League, Shade Tree Commission, new park, and Lackawanna Trail School District. Liz has served as the publicity chairperson for Christy Mathewson Day since 2004. Liz is an elected member of The Pennsylvania Forestry Council. Liz has been the secretary of The Factoryville Women’s Civic League since 2004.

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