Shade Tree Commission

Arbor Day Celebration 2019

We are proud to be a Tree City USA community. In fact, we just celebrated our 20th year with a tree dedication at the top of the hill by the swing in the Factoryville Borough Clinton Township Joint Municipal Park.

Shade Tree Commission members:
Joe D’Antoni
Kelly Lesofski
Shirley Golembeski

Mission Statement:

The Shade Tree Commission plants and maintains trees along the Borough streets and public rights-of-way, and in municipal open space.

Our mission is to create and maintain optimum tree cover, species diversity, and a pleasant, planned environment. Promoting an effective community forestry program as an ongoing process of renewal and improvement. A program of tree planting and care that continues through the years creating community pride and involvement.

The Factoryville Shade Tree Commission meets each month (if needed) on the first Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Factoryville Borough Library, rear 161 College Avenue, Factoryville.

The Borough right of ways range from a 30 foot to a 50 foot wide path that is measured in either direction from the center of the road. Pruning, removing and altering of a Shade Tree requires a permit in the Borough.  If you are not sure of your tree, please contact the Borough office.  We have a list of the right-of-ways for all of the Borough streets and we can let you know if your tree modification requires a permit.

All branches of shade trees shall be kept trimmed in a manner to maintain a minimum height of twelve feet where they overhang a street and eight feet where they overhang a sidewalk.

Shade Tree Permits applications are reviewed monthly at the public shade tree meeting.

Permits are needed for any tree pruning, removals, or planting along the right of ways of Factoryville Borough.

Order a tree and the shade tree commission will plant it April or October.

If you have a tree along the right of way that you are concerned about, please call the Borough office at 570-945-7484.

Factoryville Residents Please Note:
Street trees in Factoryville Borough are protected by ordinance #532, an ordinance establishing a shade tree commission; providing for permits, rules and regulations for the planting, maintenance, protection and removal of trees in the public right-of-way for public health, safety and welfare; and, providing enforcement creating penalties for violations of the ordinance.

Thanks to all the Adopt a Garden Families. If you have any questions or need to contact us, call 945-7484 for the Shade Tree Commission. There are three gardens available for adoption, please contact us if you would like to find out about our garden program.

Adopt-A-Garden Families:
The Sciosca Family
The Chamberlin Family
Shawnee Baltrusaitis and Nikki Weisenfluh
The Mitchells in loving memory of Gator
The Engle Family
Chuck and Anna Wrobel
The Ratchford Family
The Price Family
TD and Cha Davis
Denise Castalano
Robin and Joe Scala
Factoryville Brownie and Girl Scout Groups
The Benjamin-Pacholec Family
The Swift Family
The Kaub Family
The Sweppenheiser Family
The Truitt Family
The Pawelzik Family
The Wetzel Family
The Fields
The Krimmel Family
Trail Rotary
Lori Fehrenback
Wyoming County Juvenile Probation

161 College Avenue
Post Office Box 277
Factoryville, PA 18419
Phone: 570-945-7484
Fax: 570-945-7286

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