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Sewer Meeting: June 8th, 2022 @ 6:00pm

    1. Call to order 
    2. Pledge
    3. Roll Call
    4. Agenda
    5. Public Comments (limit 3 minutes)
    6. Approval of Minutes from May 11th,  2022
    7. Secretary/Treasurer Report
      •  Outstanding sewer account balances of residents
      • Pioneer Construction payment from March 2022
      • N/A
      • N/A
    8. Bills to Pay (Motion to Pay)
    9. Operator’s Report
    10. Old/New Business
    11. Adjournment
      • Next Meeting: July 13th, 2022 at 6:00pm

Council Meeting: June 8th, 2022 @ 6:30pm

  1. Call to order & flag salute
  2. Roll call
  3. Agenda
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes from May 11th, 2022
  5. Police Report – Dalton Police Department
  6. Public Comments – 5 minutes maximum 
  7. Manager’s report –
    • Code Enforcement and ordinance review of grass, garbage, noise, fireworks
    • PP&L rates
    • Appoint a TCC Tax delegate
    • Employee and Council paperwork
    • Seeking authorization to register for three different online learning sessions – Cost $330.00
    • Seeking authorization to change tax account administrative access (REV-1176) for the Dept of Revenue E-tides from Mary Ellen to myself.
    • Audit update
    • Cyber security update
  8. Bills – motion to approve
  9. Committee Reports
    • Parks and Recreation – Chuck Truitt
    • Building and Grounds – Gregg Yunko
    • Roads and Maintenance – Bill Edwards .  Request for new bristle brushes for street sweeper from Jim Gesek.
    • Mayor’s Report – Gary Evans
    • Solicitor’s Report – Attorney Paul Litwin
  11. Orinances and Resolutions
    1. Tax Levy 2022 resolution
  12.  New/Old Business
    1. Ratify budget 2022
  13.  Adjournment
    • Next Meeting: July 13th 2022 at 6:30pm


You can check out the link below to see what is happening around the area, when meetings or events are taking place, or to schedule your own activity or event at the parks or Borough hall. Call the Borough office to schedule. Updated Calendar

Factoryville Christmas Market

Factoryville Borough had a very successful year for the 2021 season of the Christmas Market. There were over 2000 people who attended the event, including the Friday night vendor preview and tree lighting ceremony. Vendors commented that they had record sales, and patrons enjoyed the music, activities, food, and shopping. The dates for the Christmas Market have already been penciled in for December 2-4, 2022. If you would like to help plan and/or volunteer for this upcoming year, please call the Borough Hall or contact Elena O’Connor directly at

Factoryville Borough “Swag” Sale

Our Park Board created a fundraiser in order to make continuous improvements to the parks. With brainstorming and landmarks around the Borough, the Park Board and The Final Detail have created Factoryville Borough swag! Check out the web page to order your shirts, magnets, blankets, hats, and more! Factoryville Borough Swag Sale

Parking in Christy Mathewson Park

Please note that parking in Christy Mathewson Park is only permitted for persons requiring handicapped parking for the park. All other parking is in the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center parking lot. The footbridge is a lovely entrance to our park. Parents who are dropping off their children at school should use the procedure provided by the school.

Dog Walkers

Please remember to clean up after your dogs. We have an ordinance that requires the proper disposal of pet excrements. Bags are typically provided on the foot bridge at Christy Mathweson Park. Please call the Borough office if you have any questions.

161 College Avenue
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Phone: 570-945-7484
Fax: 570-945-7286

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