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In light of the “Shelter in place” mandate, the Factoryville and Clinton Sewer Authority and the Factoryville Borough Council will hold their April monthly meetings online on Thursday 2, 2020.  If you wish to attend, please use the link below (copy and paste)  to join: The sewer meeting begins at 6:00p.m. and the Borough meeting begins at 6:10.  A password is needed to access this meeting so please call Mary Ellen Buckbee at 570-878-3941 to obtain the password.


You can check out the link below to see what is happening around the area, when meetings or events are taking place, or to schedule your own activity or event at the parks or Borough hall. Call the Borough office to schedule. Updated Calendar

Church Street

Stormwater piping repair for Church Street was completed last summer. The low bid on a project to repave upper Church Street is set to begin this year. Please look for signs advising that construction will begin.

Parking in Christy Mathewson Park

Please note that parking in Christy Mathewson Park is only permitted for persons requiring handicapped parking for the park. All other parking is in the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center parking lot. The footbridge is a lovely entrance to our park. Parents who are dropping off their children at school should use the procedure provided by the school.

Dog Walkers

Please remember to clean up after your dogs. We have an ordinance that requires the proper disposal of pet excrements. Bags are typically provided on the foot bridge at Christy Mathweson Park. Please call the Borough office if you have any questions.

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