Rental Inspection Ordinance/Application

On December 11, 2019 Factoryville Borough Council passed a Rental Inspection Ordinance. The final revision of the Rental Inspection Ordinance (2020-3) was passed on August 12, 2020.

A License Application and the Addendum to Residential Rental Agreement must be filled out to schedule an inspection of the property.

An inspection checklist is provided here as a guide to ensure the rental property is up to code.

An application and an addendum for a rental agreement must be filled out for each rental unit within each owned building.

The fee for the license application is $25 per building. The fee for the inspection is $75 per unit. For example:

  • A one-unit building will cost $100 for an inspection and license.
  • A four-unit building will cost $325 ($25 for the license and $75 x 4 for the inspections) for an inspection and license.
  • Two three-unit buildings will cost $500 ($25 x 2 for the licenses and $75 x 6 for the inspections).

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